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  • You make time for work. You make time for family. So how about making some time for you?

    At , you are our specialty. Let us be your escape into a world of tranquility - a world where the stresses of everyday life drift away and your natural beauty can truly shine.

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At Soho, we provide top-notch spa and salon services. Our professional stylists and estheticians have years of experience to make you feeling and looking your best.

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  • Cut

    Let our professional estheticians bring out a style that is truly yours. Stand out from the crowd and express yourself with a new look that will "wow" everyone you meet!

  • Colour

    Come in for a root touch-up, new highlights, or even a whole new colour. The choices are endless, and we have years of experience to help you pick the right ones for your unique look.

  • Updo's

    Look your best for any special occasion with a gorgeous updo. Our dedicated team will put their heads together to have you turning heads on the big day.

  • Blowdry/Style

    The gym isn't the only place to pump up the body. Your hair will have glamorous volume and texture after a session with one of our stylists. No Matter the length, your hair will look dynamite after one of our blowouts!

  • Chemical Treatment

    If your hair has battle damage from an army of flatirons, we can get it back to a healthy state. We pull out all the stops when it comes to rejuvenating your hair using products by Bumble and Bumble and Redken.

  • Facial

    Whether for anti-aging, hydration, exfoliation or all of the above, our facial treatms will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and younger. We offer a wide range of peels, masks, creams, and lotions to have you feeling your beautiful best.

  • Hair Removal

    Embarassing hair is a breeze for our team. Using safe, sanitary methods, we will make unsightly, unwanted hair a thing of the past: hair today, gone tomorrow!

  • Manicure

    Our creative estheticians will give your nails a look that will last and you will want to keep. Classic and elegant, funky, and fresh or any look in between can be accomplished with gel, acrylic, or your natural nails. We will make your look last with refills - you will want them!

  • Pedicure

    Put your best foot forward with one of our luxurious pedicures. We'll polish, pumice, and pamper your feet and make them feel like royalty - not royal pains! We do gel, acrylic and natural nails, and supply refills.

  • Body

    Feel the stresses of everyday life disappear when our fully trained and certified massage therapists work their magic fingers. Rejuvenate and at become your strongest mentality after a visit to our tranquil spa. We offer wraps, stone massages, Swedish massage, seaweed body wraps... and the list goes on!

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  • Phone 604-372-4460
  • Email info@sohosalonspa.ca
  • Business Hours Mon-Sun: 10am - 7pm
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What training and certifications do your stylists and esthetiscian hold?
At Soho, we pride ourselves on maintaining professional standing and results. We hold certifications from schools like the Blanche MacDonald Centre, Langara College and the John Casablanca Institue, and always keep up to date with developments in the beauty field. We do this to provide our clients with the best - and safest - experience possible.
Are there dangers involved with laser hair treatment?
When done professionally, laser hair removal is a safe alternative to other forms of hair removal. The most common side effect will be redness around the treated area - don't worry, this is perfectly normal and should clear up in a day or two. There will be some discomfort after a treatment, but this iwll be short-lived, and we can provide some numbling creams to reduce the discomfort. We'll get to know you and your skin before we begin treatment to minimize any side effects.
What safety precautions do you take when it comes to your saunas?
Saunas are a great way to reduce stress, boost your immune system, and provide relief for medical conditions like arthritis. However, like many good things in life, saunas also carry risks when you overuse them. At Soho, we'll make sure to monitor your time in the sauna to prevent overexposure. As well, we restrict anyone with a history of heart conditions from using our sauna.
What benefits are there to using the steam shower at Soho?
Our steam shower isn't some "new age" gimmick; it's a great way to achieve real health benefits in a relaxing setting. Steam showers can improve the look and feel of your skin while also improving circulation. They are also beneficial for fighting off infections and stimulating weight loss. Book an appointment and see the results yourself!